Thursday, September 20, 2012


 I am finally coming to terms with one of the things I have been struggling with most recently.
I have been working out pretty hard, sometimes twice a day, or adding some type of outdoor activity along with a workout. And I am really starting to see results and they are good, I am getting a lot stronger. However, I am coming to accept that I will never be skinny. One, I just am not built for it. I am kinda shaped like a boy as in I gain muscle really easily when I work out, versus getting slender. Two, there was never a "skinny" firefighter. At least not one that excels at his or her job. Intellectually, I KNOW that I have to eat enough to fuel my body to function with all of the training and exercise I have been doing. I know that I will not be able to help lift the heavy equipment we use in rescues as an EMT or a firefighter if I am not eating enough to be able to gain the muscle to do so.  I also know that I have an incredibly disciplined and healthy diet for someone my age and I should be proud. So, this is me sucking it up and trying to be okay with getting a little bulky if it means I will be good at what I want to do

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