Friday, July 30, 2010

Beginning of the End

We are SENIORS. How did that happen? When did we get so old? I remember in the seventh grade when I met my true friends that are still there for me now. I remember how we thought we were so cool for having this little note-notebook and passing it around to eachother between classes and each writing separate entries into it for each one of us.I remember when we had code names for the boys we liked but never talked to. One of the biggest happenings at the time was when one of my best friends got asked to dance... with an actual BOY, at the eigth grade dance. It was monumental! After, all our discussions in the coming weeks centered around that. I remember when the biggest decision we had to make was whether to wear our hair straight or curly, whichever was the "in" thing at the time. Now, Its centered around trying to make a few measly points higher on some test that basically determines the rest of our lives.Its Crazy.

One of the saddest times in my life happened in the middle of my freshman year. Gaby, Emily, Jordan, Hannah, and I were all laying in Emily's drive way, taking a breather from one of our amazing weekend basketball games when Emily sits up and says she has something to tell us. She said that she and her family were moving to Atlanta, Georgia because her dad needed to move up in his line of work. Some of them started bawling immediately. I was just in shock. Emily, the best friend I had known since pre-school, the one I almost killed trying to share my pb&j sandwich, the one I went to see Mulan in theaters with, the one who gave me one of her My Little Ponies when we used to have Care Bear-watching play days, the one whom I still play Nancy Drew computer games with and scream and fall to the floor when a bad guy jumps out from behind a door on the screen... was moving hundreds of miles away. I didn't know what to say. That night, when we were all in out sleeping bags on the living room floor, after everyone else had fallen asleep, I cried, alot. I'm not that great at showing emotion infront of people, but its just how I handle things. I remember waking up early early the morning they were leaving and my parents driving me over to their house to see them off. Every night after that was terrible. I knew some friends stayed friends after one or the other moved away, but the many times they just drifted apart. I didn't want us to be like that. And now, almost three years later we are all STILL best friends. in the past couple months alone either we have gone there, or they have come here at least three or more times. Every holiday or long weekend thats the first thing that I want to do.

There used to be a framed picture in Gaby's room of her, Emily, and me all in our bathing suits with frizzy hair, me with braces, back before we knew what make-up was, arms linked, standing on her back porch by the pool. We were maybe in the seventh grade.

The halloween of eigth or ninth grade year, we decided we would dress up one last time. We were all obsessed with the Pirates of the Carribean movies at the time, so we were all fearsome, scruffy pirates.

Sleeping Bag surfing. Yes. New years 2009. It happened.

I loved Freshman year Homecoming when we all went with eachother and had the best time without dates.

One of the most memorable and most cherished nights in the Seibert driveway was when the new next door neighbor moved in. We all thought he was about the hottest thing on the planet... at least from what we could see from "accidentally" rolling the basketball over to the window of his kitchen and completely creeping on him, of course. Were we shallow, yes. Did we have fun, double yes.

Earlier this past school year, every moring for about a week, Hannah came to my first period chorus classroom before anyone else came in, and just held me while I cried, then took me to the bathroom and helped me clean up before she went to band. I don't think she knows how much that meant to me.

One Spring Break me, Gaby and Emily went up to Emily's grandfathers house and cattle farm. We all took turns riding old Sega. Emily and I, who had both taken riding lessons, had no problem leading hime around the arena. However, Gaby was severly taken advantage of, and Sega ended up going and stopping in the middle of the circle while Gaby sat on top of him yelling because she couldn't get him to move. It was quite comical.

Tonight Michael took me to see Charlie St. Cloud. I knew I would have a hard time with this movie, but still very much wanted to go see it. This is in part due to the fact that, even if no one believes me, I have had for a long time had horrible visions of my self dying in car crashes. Charlies brother in the movie dies in one while his old brother is driving,who knows. And the also because ... Its kills me to see guys cry. I can't handle it. I just take movies, or the emotions drawn from them, too seriously.

After the movie, he could tell something was bothering me, so he just held my hand and drove around a while. Its been building for a while. I just can't believe we are Seniors. Some of these people, people that I am close too and that I have talked to about things that I have shared with nobody else, I may never see again after this year. It tears me apart that Me, Gaby, Hannah, Emily, and Jordan might all be going to different colleges. I have recently been hanging out with a great bunch of new girls that I don't know how I will do without either. I know I shouldn't worry, and that God puts people in and takes people out of your life for a reason, and that anyone that is meant to stay a part of it will, but I worry about this almost constantly. This is going to be a hard year emotionally, I can already tell, and I'm so scared.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first . . . when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.
- Paramahansa Yogananda

True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.
- Honore de Balzac

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
- Lao-Tzu

I love thee, I love but thee With a love that shall not die Till the sun grows cold And the stars grow old.
- William Shakespeare

On my own I'm so clumsy, but on your shoulders I can see I'm free to be me.
-Francesca Battistelli

4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
-Corinthians 13:4-7

I believe that we are always attracted to what we need most, an instinct leading us towards the persons who are to open new vistas in our lives and fill them with new knowledge.
- Helene Iswolsky

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hundreth Customer

Tonight, I knew Michael had been wanting to go to Chili's because they have that whole Two for Twenty deal, (I don't relly like going out to eat, but I know he loves it so...) so we went at about eight.

When w walked in and were being seated, At a table a couple over from ours, IV, our pastor at Epic and his wife Bene' were waving at me. Ella, their adorable daughter ran up and hugged me. We talked to them for a few minutes, then went and sat down.

After we got done eating, our very cheery waitress came to our table and said "Yall are good to go!" We sat there for a second when we both came to the realization we had not paid yet! So of course we waited for her to walk by again, and when she did she hushedly said, "You don't have to pay, its on us. Yall are our hundreth customers!" So, again we sat there in shock. I was so excited because nothing, NOTHING, like that ever happens to me. I can't even win a game of bingo...

So we get up, still in awe and disbeleif and smiling walk out and start to drive home. About half way home I said "Oh no!! We didn't leave a tip!" I always leave a tip, wether our server is good or bad, and feel awful if we don't. And she was so nice, so I 'm like "Can we please go back up there and find her to give her one?! Its the least we can do after her giving us a free meal."

We pull back in the parking lot, and IV and Bene are sitting on the benches out fromt talking to whomever they ate dinner with, when we walk back into Chili's. We find out waitress and begin our story of being in complete amazement at our not having to pay, and totally forgetting a tip and driving back up there, and she was very greatful and probably amused. Then she says "Now you didn't hear it from me, I wasn't supposed to tell you, But that man sitting at the long table paid for yalls meal!" I started smiling so big and ran out of the the restaurant right to IV and gave him and Mrs. Bene' huge hugs. I just love them. He is the best pastor in the world :)

"That best portion of a good man's life, His little, nameless, unremembered acts Of kindness and of love."
- William Wordsworth

Sunday, July 18, 2010

cricka cricka cricka

Yesterday afternoon me and Mary Beth went to Fleet Feet in Huntsville. I'm so glad we can talk to eachother about our boys because sometimes I feel other people have a hard time relating. We got our Chacos, and I wore them for the rest of the day and evening!

Last night I had the most wonderful time doing nothing but sitting in a circle on the floor, eating popcorn, and just talking with the seven of my most favorite people! Some, I haven't known for very long, and some I have known forever, but I can tell that I am going to love this new group of friends. We already all types of fun activities and parties planned and I can't wait! The girl time was much needed and made me realize I need to spend more time with them, and will :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Polly Pockets

Last week I babysat for the Benders. They are the owner of my gym and have SEVEN kids. I love them all and they are some of The cutest kids I have ever seen. I really only had to entertain about four of them because Amanda keeps the youngest with her and the others are a little older.

The days were LONG. As soon as I walked in the door Abby and Olivia were both holding up their arms saying "Up-ie."
Isabelle is the older of the four I was really watching. She seems so much older than my brother who is about to be a freshman and she is only going into the fifth grade.

Collin is in second grade I think. Hes a very good boy... except when he is around Olivia, then every little ridiculous thing becomes a competition.

Olivia is five. She has beautiful brown hair and can give you looks that could kill. Shes a drama queen, but I love her. I have an adorable video of her singing 'You Belong with Me' by Taylor Swift.

Abby is two. I know I'm not supposed to pick favorites but... she makes me laugh so hard. All the boys will be after her about 15 years from now.

To keep them from sitting infront of the tv or computer all day, Amanda bought them a slip n' slide, which sounded like a good idea at the time. However it was broken within the first hour and we had to just spray the plastic down with the hose. Oh the hose... This soon turned into a dangerous swinging object with a metal nob on the end that Collin and Olivia BOTH wanted control of at all times. All the while, Collin would put water in his mouth and spit it on Olivia and she would start bawling. IT was great.

Polly Pockets play was another stressful, scream-fest. You would thing for a family of seven sharing would not be such an issue.

While all of this was taking place. Abby would either be off in her own little world playing by herself in the yard, sleeping in my lap, holding onto my leg, or playing with her own dolls by herself.

The morning before my last day with them. I went to the gas station and got 4 Hershey's bars. Two of which I was going to divide up betweent Collin, Olivia, and Abbey, and give a whole one to Isabelle and Emily, the two oldest girls, for helping me out. As the day wore on, they were doing fine-ish, until I mentioned that I would be leaving shortly. Then, all three of them started pulling me in separate directions to try and start a new game or otherwise divert my attention from leaving. Abbey, who usually NEVER acts out, was flinging hardbacked picture books across the room. I warned her sever times and when she wouldn't stop, I sat her down and told her she was not getting the surprise I had tempted them into being good with all day. So I had them all wait in the living room while I broke up the chocolate and out them all on separate plates, so that there would be zero question on if one got more than the other. While I was doing this, Abbey walks into the kitchen, head down, cheeks red, and tears streaming down her cheeks. She hugged my leg and looked up at me and said, "I'm sowy." Being as adorable as she is... of course she got her chocolate.

I came home and slept for at least 3 hours everyday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Big-Boy" Cookies

Our cookie expedition yesterday...

My boyfriend is adorable :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

mis amigas

This summer has been extrememly busy for me so far. Even though I don't have an actual job outside of babysitting and a few small things right now, volunteering, church, and family have kept me going pretty much nonstop. However, my girls ar what keep me sane.

We can go for weeks without seeing eachother due to everyones hectic crazy schedules, and then when we all get together,by the end of the night my face hurts from laughing so hard. Its like we were never apart. We don't even have to be actually DOING anything. A few weeks ago my one of my longtimebest friends Emily was intown and all five of us were crammed on my couch downstairs cracking up until about four in the morning. Our conversations are on the most random, strangest, out-there subjects you can thing of. Unlike some girls at school, we don't need to drink to be able to be crazy and have fun. Infact, if for some reason we did do that, I don't know if anyone would live till the next morning! Mom said, "If this is what yall are like sober, wait till you all turn 21..."
But, I don't think that will ever be an issue.

The other night Jordan, Gaby and myself were all sitting at sonic (the go to place when all else in Decatur fails). For some reason, whether its the combination of sugar filled, calorie ridden drinks, or the lovely glow of the yellow, blue , and red fluorescents, Sonic always brings out the best in us.

On the way to the same spot a few weeks earlier, we all decided to ride out of Gaby's sun roof... very safe.

I love them.

Oh! Tomorrow, me and Gaby leave for Georgia to hopefully surprise Emily for her birthday :)