Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have alot to look forward to in the upcoming few months.

Tomorrow We find out who all is on homecoming court at our pep rally,...

... However I'm not going to be there because we have to fly out of Nashville for my Uncle's wedding in Nebraska... NEBRASKA. Even if I don't make it on the court, homecoming will still be fun. Its our last one :(

Directly after the homecoming game I leave for Destin with the Hunkapillars which I'm really excited about. I need a break from all the stress that has been weighing me down here and think it will be good to get away for a long weekend. Plus I will get to meet more of his family.

The tuesday before homecoming is my 18th birthday!!

October ninth marks eight months for me and Michael.

We get our ACT scores back hopefully before the end of the month...

Emily is coming down the end of October.

Football games continue.

Hopefully I get my first DYSA reffing check.

Oh, and tomorrow I get my report card with my 90 (NINETY) six weeks average for Mrs. Berrymans class on it ;)

By the way, All these updates are completely useless to anyone that is not me

Friday, September 10, 2010

el futuro

So I took the ACT this morning. I don't how how I did. Math was HARD. I didn't really have very much time to prepare with all my other school work thats consuming my life, but I figure if I can't get any higher than what I have, then thats alright.

This is the last time I will be taking it, and it sort of marks the start of the whole college decision process. I've basically narrowed it down to two Universities... I think. I want to go to Calhoun for at least my freshman year if not two years because I think it will be easier on me and my parents.

I know counselors, parents, college people, always advocate not picking a school based on your friends or your boyfriend or your football team, but its very difficult not too. If I go to a school thats four or five hours away from where my friends are most likely to go to school, how often am I going to get to see them? I go to them for everything.

I've googled all possible routes from the schools I'm considering, to the ones Michael is. All are at least three of four hours apart.

This has become the main direction of my thoughts in last few weeks, I know its pathetic.

I got put on the homecoming ballot. I know its shallow, but I've wanted to be on the senior homecoming court since freshman year. Dream Big.