Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Instrument Blues

I wish I played an instrument, or was just good at anything, or had a hobby. My brother is getting a guitar for Christmas, which brings his grand total to four, if you count his voice.

I love to sing, but I'm no good at it.

I wish I had stuck with ice skating. I quit because some little girl, probably four years younger than me, told me I was bad. When In reality I was actually pretty good to have been moved into an advanced class with her.

I REALLY wish I still played soccer. I did not quit on my own accord. The doctor said I had to on account of my bone cyst and something that was wrong with my patella. I was devistated. I miss it so much, but it kills my knee everytime I play still.

I know what my hobby would be if I could fund it; horseback riding. I used to take lessons and jump and team pin and trail ride and sometimes play polocrosse badly. However, My parents could no longer pay for it. I will have my own horse one day. There is no question in it.

I'm still that little girl who asks for a pony every holiday and Christmas.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Old Friends

Jason , Lacey and I used to be the terribly terrific trio. We did everything together. Our parebts were all best friends. We camped almost every weekend, had sleepovers, lock ins, bonfires, there are too many things to count. Unfortunately we grew up. Jason Now lives in Missouri and Lacey goes to Una.

We got to see Jason and his dad this past weekend when Dale came to sing at his old church.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I don't know why my spaces on my blog are so large. Sorry to any one that reads, which I'm pretty sure might be one person.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Twenty-eight is the age I wish to be right now.

In my eyes its the perfect age. I'll be out of college, maybe newly wed, hopefully starting my own veterinary practice, and hopefully building, renovating, or moving into some old beatuiful farm house in the middle of the country with my golden retriever, border collie, two horses, one burro, and husband.

I'm ready to wake up every morning and look out the window and see nothing but pastures and green and trees.

I'm ready to get a phone call in the middle of the night from some distressed woman or man that needs me to come help their mare give birth to a beautiful wobbly-kneed foal. (If you have never seen a horse give birth, its one of the most spectacular awsome things I have ever seen)

I'm ready to have my own family traditions.

I'm ready to decorate my own house.

I'm ready to name my horses and dogs the names I already have picked out for them.

I'm ready to live.

I'm ready to be old... er.

I'm sick of seeing some people every day; the people that are just dumb and that are throwing their life away before they even turn twenty.

Granted, I love my best friends, all of which are beautiful and amazing and are going to be wonderful successful people. And I'm not saying that I don't love my life just the way it is right now, I'm just tired of the school, and drama, and being in a house that I don't like with my brother and his five pianos.


Off of that subject, I just started a new, probably temporary, seasonal, job working with my mom and about ten other ladies at Morgan Price Candy Store.

It's amazing.

I never thought I could enjoy another job again after what I experienced working at Parkway a couple summers ago.

It was pure Hell.

But I adore all of these ladies already. They joke around, laugh, curses like sailors sometimes, and are just themselves all the time.

The phrase, " You HAVE to try this! How are you supposed to tell customers about the products if you don't know what they taste like...?!!" Is going to be the death of me, and my waistline. I can already feel it.

But I love it so far.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rosemary and Ms. Dossie

Last night I went to volunteer at St. Luke Methodist Church to help with their Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless or impoverished of Decatur. Drivers bussed them over from the NCC, CCC, and th Salvation Army. I helped set up and was assigned to a table to serve food and take refills and just whatever they needed. Amother and daughter came in and sat at my a,d Jimmy, our table host's, table. They were about my mom and grandmothers ages and were the cutes things I have ever seen. The daughter's name was Rosemary, and the mom, who couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall, was Ms. Dossie. They had the biggest personalities and were so full of life. There was a band playing some contemporary worship music, and they were dancing and singing and clapping their hands. When the dessert cart came around Ms. Dossie got a piece of red velvet cake. It turned her tongue and mouth completely red, so we laughed about that for a long time.

Mrs. Thibidoux was the one that told us of the event because it was at her church so she was floating around and making sure everyone was okay. She came over to check on our table and Rosemary was telling her how beautiful her necklace that she was wearing was. Mrs. Thibidoux walked away for a few moments then came back around behind Rosemary and fastened the necklace around her neck and said, "Well lets see how it looks on you!" and then walked away. Ms. Rosemary jumped up and ran and gave her a big hug and started crying. I'm pretty sure some of us at the table did too. I don't know that I have ever seen anyone so happy. Mrs. Thibidoux is such a great role model for people of any age, and I hope that I can be like her when I get older.

You can tell that everyone of the people that came to get a meal had put on their best clothes, even if some people would not consider it so. There napkins sitting at every table setting that had a big colorful turkey printed on them, when Ms. Rosemary and Ms. Dossie saw them, their eyes got wide, and they leaned over and asked if I had any paper towls I could give them to use instead of the napkins. They said they couldn't stand to get something so pretty dirty with food. Rosemary said she could unfold it and cover her entire table that she had at home with it, like a placemat. I assured them that there were plenty more and that I could give them each a few before they went home to take with them.
We take so much for granted. Those people last night were some of the most gracious thankful people that I have ever encountered, it didn't matter if they had the brand names or labels to prove it.
When they finally got up to leave, they both told me good luck in college, and gave me a big hug. I would love to see them again.

I was so blessed that I could be of service. All the people at St. Luke are wonderful, caring, welcoming people, and even though I don't attend there, I felt like I could talk to some of them for hours.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Powder Puff

I'm just going to throw this one out there... but Senior Team 2 was the DEAL!! We dominated and pulled out another championship win for the seniors!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


There have been lots of changes and eventful things happening in my life lately.

I finally recieved my letter into Mississippi State a couple days ago, and my official certificate came in Friday!

I'm pretty sure this is really where I want to go.

I know its probably really dumb to already think that, seeing as my campus visit isn't til December, but I've done alot of research on it and watched all the videos on their website, and just looks like a place I can see myself at. I visited USA last spring, and it seemed like a wonderful school. Everything was being remodled, and its right near the beach, but it just didn't feel very home-y. Mississippi State is in Starkville, MS, which is very small town, just how I like it. Some people are into the huge college towns where theres tons of stuff to do and a bunch of people and parties every night, and I'm sure there will be thing along the same lines at State, but probably not to the degree of Auburn or Alabama. Its a smaller-ish school; I think I read somewhere that the student teacher ratio was something like 18:1. Plus if I go there I can get all my Veterinary schooling in at one institution without transfer.

I'm really excited about my decision of Veterinary medicine, specifically large animal as my major, but I'm just so worried that I'm not going to be smart enough, and am going to flunk out.
However, I'm really hoping one of my best friends, Cole goes there as well. He was accepted a couple days after me!

In recent days I have it has been brought to my attention that people DO indeed change. I have been blessed in my middle and high school years to not have to experience some of the drama and life altering conflicts among friends that some of the people my age face. There will always be people that filter in and out of your life. Some, you think at the time, are your friend or possibly best friend, but in the end you hang out with them continuously for a few weeks or months, then they gradually make their way back out of your life as quickly as they came. Its not a bad thing, its just life. Many times, I think, those people have a purpose, even if its not to be a life-long best friend. The worst experiences you have with people still always teach you some sort of lesson. I haven't really noticed til now, but I've changed too.
That being said, I also believe, that those select few people that you do call you forever best friends can sometimes teach you the hardest lessons of all. They know you best. Everyone changes, but I think your best friends change and adapt with you and to eachother, together. Thats the beauty of friendship, they love you for who you are, ALL the time.